Edward Lear's Nonsense Books

Edward Lear's nonsense books complete set - online version

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By Edward Lear.
     Nonsense Books
     "How Pleasant to Know Mr. Lear"
     I. A Book of Nonsense
     Nonsense Rhymes and Pictures
     II. Nonsense Songs, Stories, Botany, and Alphabets
     Nonsense Songs
     Nonsense Stories
     Nonsense Botany
     Nonsense Alphabets
     III. More Nonsense Pictures, Rhymes, Botany, etc
     Nonsense Botany
     One Hundred Nonsense Pictures and Rhymes
     Twenty-six Nonsense Rhymes and Pictures
     IV. Laughable Lyrics: A Fresh Book of Nonsense Poems, Songs, Botany, etc
     Laughable Lyrics.
     Nonsense Botany
     Nonsense Alphabets
      Index (added 2004)
     By First Lines
     Nonsense Alphabets
     Nonsense Botanies

     Nonsense Songs and Stories

The first "Book of Nonsense" was published in 1846. Three other volumes,—"Nonsense Songs, Stories, etc.," published in 1871; "More Nonsense Pictures, etc.," in 1872; and "Laughable Lyrics: A Fresh Book of Nonsense, etc.," in 1877,—comprise all the "Nonsense Books" written by Mr. Lear.
With all the Original Illustrations.
1894 Covers— Click for larger versions.