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There was an Old Person of Dover,
Who rushed through a field of blue clover;
But some very large Bees stung his nose and his
So he very soon went back to Dover.
There was an Old Man of Berlin,
Whose form was uncommonly thin;
Till he once, by mistake, was mixed up in a cake,
So they baked that Old Man of Berlin.
There was an Old Person of Leeds, Whose head was infested with beads; She sat on a stool and ate gooseberry-fool, Which agreed with that Person of Leeds.
There was an Old Man of the West,
Who never could get any rest;
So they set him to spin on his nose and his chin,
Which cured that Old Man of the West.
There was an Old Person of Cadiz,
Who was always polite to all ladies;
But in handing his daughter, he fell into the
Which drowned that Old Person of Cadiz.
There was an Old Person of Cheadle
Was put in the stocks by the Beadle
For stealing some pigs, some coats, and some
That horrible person of Cheadle.