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There was an Old Man with a poker,
Who painted his face with red ochre.
When they said, "You 're a Guy!" he made no
But knocked them all down with his poker.
There was a Young Lady of Poole, Whose soup was excessively cool; So she put it to boil by the aid of some oil, That ingenious Young Lady of Poole.
There was an Old Person of Prague, Who was suddenly seized with the plague; But they gave him some butter, which caused him to mutter, And cured that Old Person of Prague.
There was an Old Lady of Prague,
Whose language was horribly vague;
When they said, "Are these caps?" she answered,
That oracular Lady of Prague.
There was an Old Man of Peru, Who watched his wife making a stew; But once, by mistake, in a stove she did bake That unfortunate Man of Peru.
There was a Young Lady of Parma, Whose conduct grew calmer and calmer: When they said, "Are you dumb?" she merely said, "Hum!" That provoking Young Lady of Parma.