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There was an Old Man of the North,
Who fell into a basin of broth;
But a laudable cook fished him out with a hook,
Which saved that Old Man of the North.
There was an Old Person of Sparta,
Who had twenty-five sons and one "darter;"
He fed them on Snails, and weighed them in
That wonderful Person of Sparta.
There was an Old Person of Troy,
Whose drink was warm brandy and soy,
Which he took with a spoon, by the light of the
In sight of the city of Troy.
There was an Old Man on whose nose Most birds of the air could repose; But they all flew away at the closing of day, Which relieved that Old Man and his nose.
There was an Old Person of Mold,
Who shrank from sensations of cold;
So he purchased some muffs, some furs, and
some fluffs,
And wrapped himself well from the cold.
There was a Young Lady of Turkey,
Who wept when the weather was murky;
When the day turned out fine, she ceased to
That capricious Young Lady of Turkey.