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There was an Old Man of A˘sta
Who possessed a large Cow, but he lost her;
But they said, "Don't you see she has run up a
You invidious Old Man of A˘sta?"
There was an Old Person of Tring, Who embellished his nose with a ring; He gazed at the moon every evening in June, That ecstatic Old Person of Tring.
There was an Old Man of Nepaul,
From his horse had a terrible fall;
But, though split quite in two, with some very
strong glue
They mended that man of Nepaul.
There was a Young Person of Crete,
Whose toilette was far from complete;
She dressed in a sack spickle-speckled with
That ombliferous Person of Crete.
There was a Young Lady of Clare,
Who was madly pursued by a Bear;
When she found she was tired, she abruptly
That unfortunate Lady of Clare.