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Once Mr. Daddy Long-legs,
Dressed in brown and gray, Walked about upon the sands Upon a summer's day: And there among the pebbles, When the wind was rather cold, He met with Mr. Floppy Fly, All dressed in blue and gold; And, as it was too soon to dine, They drank some periwinkle-wine, And played an hour or two, or more, At battlecock and shuttledore.
Said Mr. Daddy Long-legs
To Mr. Floppy Fly, "Why do you never come to court?
I wish you 'd tell me why. All gold and shine, in dress so fine,
You'd quite delight the court. Why do you never go at all?
I really think you ought. And, if you went, you'd see such sights!
Such rugs and jugs and candle-lights!
And, more than all, the king and queen,
One in red, and one in green."