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More Nonsense
Pictures, Rhymes, Botany,
By Edward Lear.
1894 Cover
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Nonsense Botany
One Hundred Nonsense Pictures
And Rhymes
Twenty-Six Nonsense Rhymes
And Pictures
Originally published 1872
In offering this little book—the third of its kind—to the public, I am glad to take the opportunity of recording the pleasure I have received at the appreciation its predecessors have met with, as attested by their wide circulation, and by the universally kind notices of them from the Press. To have been the means of administering innocent mirth to thousands, may surely be a just motive for satisfaction, and an excuse for grateful expression.
At the same time, I am desirous of adding
a few words as to the history of the two
previously published volumes, and more particularly of the first or original "Book of Nonsense,"
relating to which many absurd reports have crept into circulation, such as that it was the
composition of the late Lord Brougham, the late Earl of Derby, etc.; that the rhymes and pictures
are by different persons; or that the whole have a symbolical meaning, etc.; whereas, every one of
the Rhymes was composed by myself, and every one of the Illustrations drawn by my own hand at