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Who looked out at the depths of the night;
But the birds of the air, filled her heart with
And oppressed that young lady in white.
There was a young person whose history Was always considered a mystery; She sate in a ditch, although no one knew which, And composed a small treatise on history.
There was an old person of Slough, Who danced at the end of a bough; But they said, "If you sneeze, you might damage the trees, You imprudent old person of Slough."
There was an old person of Bow,
Whom nobody happened to know;
So they gave him some soap, and said coldly, "We
You will go back directly to Bow!"
There was an old person of Down,
Whose face was adorned with a frown;
When he opened the door, for one minute or
He alarmed all the people of Down.
There was an old person of Rye,
Who went up to town on a fly;
But they said, "If you cough, you are safe to fall
You abstemious old person of Rye!"