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Some she slew with a kick, some she scrunched
with a stick,
That impulsive old person of Stroud.
There was an old person of Loo,
Who said, "What on earth shall I do?"
When they said, "Go away!" she continued to
That vexatious old person of Loo.
There was an old man of Boulak,
Who sate on a Crocodile's back;
But they said, "Towr'ds the night he may probably
Which might vex you, old man of Boulak!"
There was an old person of Woking, Whose mind was perverse and provoking; He sate on a rail, with his head in a pail, That illusive old person of Woking.
There was an old person of Skye,
Who waltz'd with a Bluebottle fly:
They buzz'd a sweet tune, to the light of the moon,
And entranced all the people of Skye.