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There was an old person of Dean
Who dined on one pea, and one bean;
For he said, "More than that, would make me
too fat,"
That cautious old person of Dean.
There was a young lady in blue,
Who said, "Is it you? Is it you?"
When they said, "Yes, it is," she replied only,
That ungracious young lady in blue.
There was an old man of Blackheath, Whose head was adorned with a wreath Of lobsters and spice, pickled onions and mice, That uncommon old man of Blackheath.
There was an old Man in a Garden,
Who always begged every one's pardon;
When they asked him, "What for?" he replied,
"You're a bore!
And I trust you'll go out of my garden."
There was an old man, who when little
Fell casually into a kettle;
But, growing too stout, he could never get out,