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Does he sing or whistle, jabber or talk,
And when riding abroad does he gallop or walk,
Does he wear a turban, a fez, or a hat? Does he sleep on a mattress, a bed, or a mat,
When he writes a copy in round-hand size, Does he cross his T's and finish his I's
Can he write a letter concisely clear Without a speck or a smudge or smear
Do his people like him extremely well? Or do they, whenever they can, rebel,
If he catches them then, either old or young, Does he have them chopped in pieces or hung,
Do his people prig in the lanes or park? Or even at times, when days are dark,
or TROT, The Akond of Swat?
or a COT, The Akond of Swat?
with a DOT, The Akond of Swat?
or BLOT, The Akond of Swat?
or PLOT, At the Akond of Swat?
or shot, The Akond of Swat?
GAROTTE? O the Akond of Swat!
Does he study the wants of his own dominion? Or doesn't he care for public opinion
To amuse his mind do his people show him Pictures, or any one's last new poem,
At night if he suddenly screams and wakes, Do they bring him only a few small cakes,
Does he live on turnips, tea, or tripe?
Does he like his shawl to be marked with a stripe,
Does he like to lie on his back in a boat Like the lady who lived in that isle remote,
Is he quiet, or always making a fuss?
Is his steward a Swiss or a Swede or a Russ,
Does he like to sit by the calm blue wave? Or to sleep and snore in a dark green cave,
a JOT, The Akond of Swat?
or WHAT, For the Akond of Swat?
or a LOT, For the Akond of Swat?
or a DOT, The Akond of Swat?
SHALLOTT, The Akond of Swat?
or a SCOT, The Akond of Swat?
or a GROTT, The Akond of Swat?
Does he drink small beer from a silver jug?
or a POT, The Akond of Swat?