Edward Lear's Nonsense Books

Edward Lear's nonsense books complete set - online version

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■     B was once a little bear,
■     The Bountiful Beetle,
■     The Broom and the Shovel, the Poker and Tongs,
■     C said, "A Cup of Coffee hot
■     C was Papa's gray Cat,
■     C was a camel:
■     C was a cat
■     C was once a little cake,
■     Calico pie, the little birds fly
■     The Comfortable Confidential Cow,
■     D said, "A Doctor should be fetched,
■     D was Papa's white Duck,
■     D was a dove,
■     D was a duck
■     D was once a little doll,
■     The Dolomphious Duck,
■     E said, "An Egg beat up with milk
■     E was a little Egg,
■     E was an eagle,
■     E was an elephant,
■     E was once a little eel,
■     The Enthusiastic Elephant,
■     The Excellent Double-extra XX
■     F said, "A Fish, if broiled, might cure,
■     F was a fan
■     F was a fish
■     F was a little Fish.
■     F was once a little fish,
■     The Fizzgiggious Fish,
■     G said, "Green Gooseberry fool,
■     G was Papa's new Gun;
■     G was a goat
■     G was a gooseberry,
■     G was once a little goose,
■     The Good-natured Grey Gull,
■     H said, "His Hat should be kept on,
■     H was Papa's new Hat;
■     H was a hat
■     H was a heron,
■     H was once a little hen,
■     The Hasty Higgeldipiggledy Hen,
■     "How pleasant to know Mr. Lear!"
■     I said, "Some Ice upon his head
■     I was an Inkstand new,
■     I was an inkstand,
■     I was once a bottle of ink
■     I was some ice
■     In former days,that is to say, once upon a time,there lived in the Land of Gramble-Blamble seven families.
■     The Inventive Indian,