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■     U was once a little urn,
■     The Umbrageous Umbrella-maker,
■     V said, "I'll stand upon a chair,
■     V was a veil
■     V was a Villain; once
■     V was a villa
■     V was once a little vine,
■     The Visibly Vicious Vulture,
■     W said, "Some Whisky-Whizzgigs fetch,
■     W was a Watch of Gold:
■     W was a watch,
■     W was a whale
■     W was once a whale,
■     When awful darkness and silence reign
■     Who, or why, or which, or what -    The Worrying Whizzing Wasp,
■     X said, "Some double XX ale
■     X was King Xerxes, whom
■     X was King Xerxes,
■     X was King Xerxes,
■     X was once a great king Xerxes,
■     Y said, "Some Yeast mixed up with salt
■     Y was a yak,
■     Y was a yew,
■     Y was a Youth, who kicked
■     Y was once a little yew,
■     The Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo,
■     Z said, "Here is a box of Zinc!
■     Z was a Zebra striped
■     Z was a zebra,
■     Z was once a piece of zinc,
■     Z was some zinc,
■     The Zigzag Zealous Zebra,
An Index of Nonsense Alphabets by Edward Lear.
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■     ant ape apple-pie arch arm ass
■     bat bear beetle book bottle boy
■     cake camel cat cat coffee cow