ABROAD(in France)

Illustrated rhyming children's picture book by Felix Leigh

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T HE school-room of the Creche is wide, The children sit there, side by side, While " Sister" hears their lessons through, And when there 's no more work to do They all get up, and form a ring, And as they stand, together sing. Now hand in hand, tramp, tramp they go, Now in a line march to and fro, For with the rattle in her hand The "Sister" makes them understand When to advance and when draw back— Click-clack it goes, click-clack, click-clack. On Stephanie now turn your eyes, She's only five, but she's so wise— She knows the alphabet all through, And, more than that, can teach it too. Just now, she moves her wand to J, And tells the children what to say. But 'tis no use to tell Ninette, For she is but a bibi yet.