ABROAD(in France)

Illustrated rhyming children's picture book by Felix Leigh

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THROUGH Rouen when our friends had been, And all its famous places seen, They travelled on, old Caen to see, Another town in Normandy.
NEXT up the staircase see them go, With _femme de chambre the way to show. Father and Dennis, standing there, Are asking for the bill of fare.
Arrived at Caen, the travellers here Before the chief Hotel appear, Miss Earle, Rose, Bertie you descry— The rest are coming by-and-by.
Monsieur le Maitie, who rubs his hands And says, "What are Monsieur's commands?" With scrape and bow, again you see— The most polite of men is he.
Monsieur le Maitre, with scrape and bow, Stands ready to receive them now, And Madame with her blandest air, And their alert Commissionaire.