ABROAD(in France)

Illustrated rhyming children's picture book by Felix Leigh

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NOW, with regret, they rve said Good-bye to Paris bright and gay ; To Calais they are drawing nigh—you see them on their way. To travel thus, all through the night, at first they thought was fun. But by degrees they grew less bright, as hours passed one by one. Then Nellie to her sisters said, " Let *s have an extra rug, And make-believe we 're home in bed, and cuddle close and snug, And try, until the night has passed, which can most quiet keep." Then all were tucked up warm and fast, and soon fell sound asleep.
The happy time abroad, again in dreams is all gone o'er— Again in Paris, as it seems, they watch the crowd once more. The "Elysian Fields," beneath the trees, are peopled with a throng Of loveliest dolls, which at their ease converse, or ride along ; And wondrous "Easter Eggs" in nests, abundant lie around. And " April Fish " with golden vests and silver coats, abound ! Such fleeting fancies Dreamland lends to pass the time away Until the railway journey ends, just at the break of day.