A New Translation of nearly 300 favourite fables by
V.S. Vernon Jones with Introduction by
G.K. Chesterton & very nicely illustrated by Arthur Rackham
This version published 1916

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AESOP is only known for the fables ascribed to him. He was supposed to have been a slave and a contemporary of Croesus and Peisistratus in mid-sixth century B.C. in ancient Greece. There are various story collections that go under the name "Aesop's Fables" which are characteristically moral lessons and examples in story form. The subjects and characters from these stories are often borrowed for entertainment, especially children's plays and cartoons. Mostly, Aesopic fables are compilations of tales from various authors, some who lived long before Aesop, and many right up to recent times. The stories in the fables being modified to suit the social milieu of the time, this particular version, unsurprisingly, having a somewhat Victorian feel.

I have had to rearrange the the illustrations a bit in order to preserve the original book page numbers, and you will find the colour illustrations moved to the front of the book.