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300 favourite fables with illustrations by Arthur Rackham

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cemetery full of monuments, when the Monkey stopped and looked about him and gave a great sigh. ' Why do you sigh ? ' - said the Fox. The Monkey pointed to the tombs and replied, '' All the monuments that you see here were put up in honour of my forefathers, who in their day were eminent men. The Fox was speechless for a moment, but quickly recovering he said, '' Oh ! don't stop at any lie, sir; you're quite safe : I'm sure none of your ancestors will rise up and expose you."
Boasters brag most when they cannot be detected.
THERE was once a man who had an Ass and a Lap-dog. The Ass was housed in the stable with plenty of oats and hay to eat and was as well off as an ass could be. The little Dog was made a great pet of by his master, who fondled him and often let him lie in his lap; and if he went out to dinner, he would bring back a tit-bit or two to give him when he ran to meet him on his return. The Ass had, it is true, a good deal of work to do, carting or grinding the corn, or carrying the burdens of the farm : and ere long he became very jealous, contrast­ing his own life of labour with the ease and idleness of the Lap-dog. At last one day he broke his halter, and frisk­ing into the house just as his master sat down to dinner,