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300 favourite fables with illustrations by Arthur Rackham

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he said, and terrified at the prospect of being confronted with a wolf, got up hastily and started to run indoors ; but the Thief caught him by the coat and tried to stop him, crying, '' Stay, sir, stay, and take charge of my clothes, or else I shall never see them again." As he spoke he opened his mouth and began to yawn for the third time. The Innkeeper, mad with the fear of being eaten by a wolf, slipped out of his coat, which remained in the other's hands, and bolted into the inn and locked the door behind him; and the Thief then quietly stole off with his spoil.
A WILD ASS, who was wandering idly about, one day came upon a PackAss lying at full length in a sunny spot and thoroughly enjoying himself. Going up to him, he said, What a lucky beast you are ! Your sleek coat shows how well you live : how I envy you ! Not long after the Wild Ass saw his acquaintance again, but this time he was carrying a heavy load, and his driver was following behind and beating him with a thick stick. " Ah, my friend," said the Wild Ass, I don't envy you any more : for I see you pay dear for your comforts."
Advantages that are dearly bought are
doubtful blessings.