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300 favourite fables with illustrations by Arthur Rackham

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O NCE upon a time the Sheep complained to the shepherd about the difference in his treatment of themselves and his Dog. Your conduct," said they, " is very strange and, we think, very unfair. We provide you with wool and lambs and milk and you give us nothing but grass, and even that we have to find for ourselves : but you get nothing at all from the Dog, and yet you feed him with titbits from your own table." Their remarks were overheard by the Dog, who spoke up at once and said, ' Yes, and quite right, too : where would you be if it wasn't for me? Thieves would steal you ! Wolves would eat you ! Indeed, if I didn't keep con­stant watch over you, you would be too terrified even to graze ! ' The Sheep were obliged to acknowledge that he spoke the truth, and never again made a grievance of the regard in which he was held by his master.
A SHEPHERD found a Wolf's Cub straying in the pastures, and took him home and reared him along with his dogs. When the Cub grew to his full size, if ever a wolf stole a sheep from the flock, he used to join the dogs in hunting him down. It sometimes happened that the dogs failed to come up with the thief, and, abandoning the pursuit, returned home. The Wolf would on such