Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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" Where does she wear the thorns ? " Alice asked with some curiosity.
" Why, all round her head, of course," the Rose replied. " I was wondering you hadn't got some too. I thought it was the regular rule."
" She's coming ! " cried the Larkspur. " I hear her footstep, thump, thump, along the gravel-walk ! "
Alice looked round eagerly, and found that it was the Red Queen. " She's grown a good deal! " was her first remark. She had indeed: when Alice first found her in the ashes, she had been
only three inches high-----and here she was, half
a head taller than Alice herself!
" It's the fresh air that does it," said the Rose : " wonderfully fine air it is, out here."
"I think I'll go and meet her," said Alice, for, though the flowers were interesting enough, she felt that it would be far grander to have a talk with a real Queen.
" You can't possibly do that," said the Rose: "/should advise you to walk the other way."
This sounded nonsense to Alice, so she said nothing, but set off at once toward the Red Queen. To her surprise, she lost sight of her in a moment, and found herself walking in at the front-door again.
A little provoked, she drew back, and after