Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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on : "------and I thought I'd try and find my way
to the top of that hill------"
" When you say 'hill,' " the Queen interrupted, " I could show you hills, in comparison with which you'd call that a valley."
"No, I shouldn't," said Alice, surprised into contradicting her at last: "a hill can't be a val­ley, you know. That would be nonsense------"
The Red Queen shook her head. "You may call it 'nonsense ' if you like," she said, "but I've heard nonsense, compared with which that would be as sensible as a dictionary! "
Alice curtesied again, as she was afraid from the Queen's tone that she was a little offended: and they walked on in silence till they got to the top of the little hill.