Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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LOOKING-GLASS INSECTS.                  63
should all speak in turn, he went on with " She'll have to go back from here as luggage ! "
Alice couldn't see who was sitting beyond the Beetle, but a hoarse voice spoke next. " Change
engines------" it said, and there it choked and was
obliged to leave off.
" It sounds like a horse," Alice thought to her­self. And an extremely small voice, close to her
ear, Said, "You might make a Joke on that—something about 'horse' and ' hoarse/ you know."
Then a very gentle voice in the distance said, "She must be labelled 'Lass, with care,' you know------"
And after that other voices went on (" What a number of people there are in the carriage!" thought Alice), saying, " She must go by post, as
she's got a head on her------" " She must be sent
as a message by the telegraph------" " She must
draw the train herself the rest of the way------,"
and so on.
But the gentleman dressed in white paper leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Never mind what they all say, my dear, but take a return-ticket every time the train stops."
"Indeed I shan't!" Alice said rather impa­tiently. "I don't belong to this railway journey
at all------1 was in a wood just now—----and I wish
I could get back there ! "