Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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" It always happens," said the Gnat.
After this, Alice was silent for a minute or two, pondering. The Gnat amused itself meanwhile by humming round and round her head: at last it settled again and remarked, " I suppose you don't want to lose your name?"
" No, indeed," Alice said, a little anxiously.
" And yet I don't know," the Gnat went on in a careless tone: " only think how convenient it would be if you could manage to go home without it! For instance, if the governess wanted to call you to your lessons, she would call out ' Come
here-----,' and there she would have to leave off,
because there wouldn't be any name for her to call, and of course you wouldn't have to go, you know."
" That would never do, I'm sure," said Alice :