Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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settle it," Alice, said to herself, " when the road divides and they point different ways."
But this did not seem likely to happen. She went on and on, a long way, but wherever the road divided there were sure to be two finger­posts pointing the same way, one marked " TO TWEEDLEDUM'S HOUSE," and the other " TO THE HOUSE OB1 TWEEDLEDEE."
"I do believe," said Alice at last, "that they live in the same house! I wonder I never thought
of that before------But I can't stay there long.
I'll just call and say ' How d'ye do ?' and ask them the way out of the wood. If I could only get to the Eighth Square before it gets dark!" So she wandered on, talking to herself as she went, till, on turning a sharp corner, she came upon two fat little men, so suddenly that she could not help starting back, but in another moment she re­covered herself, feeling sure that they must be