Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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very often------and very loud. Please, where are
the crabs ? "
" In the water, of course ! " said the Sheep, sticking some of the needles into her hair, as her hands were full. " Feather, I say ! "
" Why do you say ' Feather ' so often ? " Alice asked at last, rather vexed. " I'm not a bird ! "
"You are," said the Sheep: "you're a little goose."
This offended Alice a little, so there was no more conversation for a minute or two, while the boat glided gently on, sometimes among beds of weeds (which made the oars stick fast in the water, worse than ever), and sometimes under trees, but always with the same tall river-banks frowning over their heads.
" Oh, please ! There are some scented rushes! " Alice cried in a sudden transport of delight. " There really are------and such beauties !"
" You needn't say ' please ' to me about 'em," the Sheep said, without looking up from her knit­ting : " I didn't put 'em there, and I'm not going to take 'em away."
" No, but I meant------please, may we wait and
pick some ? " Alice pleaded. " If you don't mind stopping the boat for a minute."
" How am I to stop it ? " said the Sheep. " If you leave off rowing, it'll stop of itself."