Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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1S4              THE LION AND THE UNICORN.
help beginning, "because he is Happy. I hate him with an H, because he is Hideous. I fed him
with——with------with Ham-sandwiches and Hay.
His name is Haigha, and he lives------"
"He lives on the Hill," the King remarked simply, without the least idea that he was joining in the game, while Alice was still hesitating for the name of a town beginning with H. " The other Messenger's called Hatta. I must have two,
you know------to come and go. One to come, and
one to go."
" I beg your pardon ? " said Alice.
"It isn't respectable to beg," said the King.
" I only meant that I didn't understand," said Alice. " Why one to come and one to go ? "
"Don't I tell you?" the King repeated im­patiently. "I must have two------to fetch and
carry. One to fetch, and one to carry."
At this moment the Messenger arrived: he was far too much out of breath to say a word, and could only wave his hands about, and make the most fearful faces at the poor King.
" This young lady loves you with an H," the King said, introducing Alice in the hope of turn­ing off the Messenger's attention from himself------
but it was no use------the Anglo-Saxon attitudes
only got more extraordinary every moment, while the great eyes rolled wildly from side to side.