Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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THE LION AND THE UNICORN.              135
Monster"). "I've cut several slices already, but they always join on again ! "
" You don't know how to manage Looking-glass cakes," the Unicorn remarked. " Hand it round first, and cut it afterward."
This sounded nonsense, but Alice very obedi­ently got up, and carried the dish round, and the cake divided itself into three pieces as she did so. " Now cut it up," said the Lion, as she returned to her place with the empty dish.
"I say, this isn't fair!" cried the Unicorn, as Alice sat with the knife in her hand, very much puzzled how to begin. "The Monster has given the Lion twice as much as me ! "
" She's kept none for herself, anyhow," said the Lion. "Do you like plum cake, Monster?"
But before Alice could answer him, the drums began.
Where the noise came from, she couldn't make out: the air seemed full of it, and it rang through and through her head till she felt quite deafened. She started to her feet and sprang across the little brook in her terror, and had just time to see the