Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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"IT'S MY OWN INVENTION."                 147
getting over a gate------would you like to hear
" Very much, indeed," Alice said, politely.
"I'll tell you how I came to think of it," said the Knight. "You see, I said to myself, 'The only difficulty is with the feet: the head is high enough already.' Now, first I put my head on
the top of the gate------then the head's high
enough------then I stand on my head------then the
feet are high enough, you see------then I'm over,
you see."
" Yes, I suppose you'd be over when that was done," Alice said, thoughtfully: "but don't you think it would be rather hard?"
"I haven't tried it yet," the Knight said,
gravely: " so I can't tell for certain------but I'm
afraid it would be a little hard."
He looked so vexed at the idea, that Alice changed the subject hastily. " What a curious helmet you've got! " she said, cheerfully. " Is that your invention too ? ".
The Knight looked down proudly at his helmet, which hung from the saddle. " Yes," he said,
"but I've invented a better one than that------like
a sugar-loaf. When I used to wear it, if I fell off the horse, it always touched the ground directly.
So I had a very little way to fall, you see------But
there was the danger of falling into it, to be sure.