Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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148               "IT'S MY OWN INVENTION."
That happened to me once——and the worst of it was, before I could get out again, the other White Knight came and put it on. He thought it was his own helmet."
Tlie Knight looked so solemn about it that Alice did not dare to laugh. " I'm afraid you must have hurt him," she said, in a trembling voice, " being on the top of his head."
"I had to kick him, of course," the Knight said, very seriously. "And then he took the helmet
off again------but it took hours and hours to get
me out. I was as fast as------as lightning, you
"But that's a different kind of fastness," Alice objected.
The Knight shook his head. " It was all kinds of fastness with me, I can assure you!" he said. He raised his hands in some excitement as he said this, and instantly rolled out of the saddle, and fell headlong into a deep ditch.
Alice ran to the side of the ditch to look for him. She was rather startled by the fall, as for some time he had kept on very well, and she was afraid that he really was hurt this time. However, though she could see nothing but the soles of his feet, she was much relieved to hear that he was talking on in his usual tone. "All kinds of fast­ness," he repeated: " but it was careless of him