Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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''IT'S MY OWN INVENTION:                155
"Ht said i I hunt for haddocks'' eyes
Among the heather bright, And work them into waistcoat-buttons
In the silent night. And these I do not sell for gold
Or coin of silvery shine, But for a copper halfpenny,
And that will purchase nine.
" ''I sometimes dig for buttered rolls.
Or set limed twigs for crabs ; I sometimes search the grassy knolls
For wheels of Hansom-cabs. And that's the way ' (he gave a wink)
'By which I get my wealth And very gladly will I drink
Your Honor's noble health.1
"I heard him then, for I had just
Completed my design To keep the Menai bridge from rust
By boiling it in wine. I thanked him much for telling me
The way he got his wealth, But chiefly for his wish that he
Might drink my noble health.
uAnd now, if e'er by chance I put My fingers into glue, Or madly squeeze a right-hand foot Into a left-hand shoe,