Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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"She can't do sums a bit!" the Queens said to­gether, with great emphasis.
" Can you do sums ? " Alice said, turning sud­denly on the White Queen, for she didn't like being found fault with so much.
The Queen gasped and shut her eyes. " I can
io Addition," she said, "if you give me time------
but I can't do Subtraction under any circum­stances !"
•' Of course you know your ABC?" said the Red Queen.
" To be sure I do," said Alice.
"So do I," the white Queen whispered: " we'll often say it over together, dear. And I'll tell
you a secret------1 can read words of one letter!
Isn't that grand ? However, don't be discouraged. You'll come to it in time."
Here the Red Queen began again. " Can you answer useful questions ? " she said. " How is bread made ? "
" I know that! " Alice cried, eagerly. ~ " You take some flour------"
"Where do you pick the flower?" the White Queen asked. "In a garden, or in the hedges?"
" Well, it isn't picked at all," Alice explained: " it's ground------"
" How many acres of ground ? " said the White Queen. " You mustn't leave out so many things."