Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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QUEEN ALICE.                             169
" And now you know the words," she added as she put her head down on Alice's other shoulder, "just sing it through to me. I'm getting sleepy too." In another moment both Queens were fast asleep, and snoring loud.
" What am I to do ? " exclaimed Alice, looking about in great perplexity, as first one round head, and then the other, rolled down from her shoulder, and lay like a heavy lump in her lap. " I don't think it ever happened before, that any one had to take care of two Queens asleep at once ! No, not
in all the History of England------it couldn't, you
know, because there never was more than one Queen at a time. Do wake up, you heavy things! " she went on in an impatient tone ; but there was no answer but a gentle snoring.