Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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And hundreds of voices joined in the chorus:
" Then fill up the glasses as quick as you can, And sprinkle the table with buttons and bran: Put cats in the coffee, and mice i?i the tea And welcome Queen Alice with thirty-times-three ! "
Then followed a confused noise of cheering, and Alice thought to herself, " Thirty times three makes ninety. I wonder if any one's counting ? " In a minute there was silence again, and the same shrill voice sang another verse :
"' 0 Looking-Glass creatures,1 quoth Alice, ' dravj
near ! 'Tis an honor to see me, a favor to hear: 'Tis a privilege high to have dinner and tea Along with the Red Queen, the White Queen, and
me ! '"
Then came the chorus again :
" Then fill up the glasses with treacle and ink, Or anything else that is pleasayit to drink ; Mix sand with the cider, and wool with the nine And welcome Queen Alice with ninety -times nine/1''
" Ninety times nine ! " Alice repeated in despair. 44 Oh, that'll never be done! I'd better go in at