Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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the knife and fork, and looking from one Queen to the other.
" Certainly not," the Red Queen said, very decided­ly: "it isn't eti­quette to cut any one you've been in­troduced to. Re­move the joint!" And the waiters carried it off, and brought a large plum-pudding in its place.
" I won't be introduced to the pudding, please," Alice said rather hastily, " or we shall get no din­ner at all. • May I give you some ? "
But the Red Queen looked sulky, and growled "Pudding------Alice; Alice------Pudding. Re­move the pudding ! " and the waiters took it away so quickly that Alice couldn't return its bow.
However, she didn't see why the Red Queen ihould be the only one to give orders, so, as an experiment, she called out " Waiter! Bring back the pudding!" and there it was again in a mo­ment, like a conjuring-trick. It was so large that