Alice Through The Looking-Glass

Illustrated children's book by Lewis Carroll - online version

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the White Queen murmured into Alice's other ear, in a voice like the cooing of a pigeon. " It would be such a treat! May I ? "
" Please do," Alice said very politely.
The White Queen laughed with delight, and stroked Alice's cheek. Then she began :
"' First, the fish must be caught,.' That is easy: a baby, I think, could have caught it.
' Next, the fish must be bought.' That is easy: a penny, I think, would have bought it.
" ' Now cook me the fish /' That is easy, and will not take more than a minute.
' Let it lie in a dish!' That is easy, because it already is in it.
" ' Bring it here I Let me sup !' It is easy to set such a dish on the table.
1 Take the dish-cover up I' Ah, that is so hard that I fear Vm unable
" For it holds it like glue------
Holds the lid to the dish, while it lies in the middle:
Which is easiest to do, Un-dish-cover the fish, or dishcover the riddle?"
" Take a minute to think about it, and then guess," said the Red Queen. " Meanwhile, we'll drink your health------Queen Alice's health 1" she