The American Pictorial Home Book or
Housekeeper's Encyclopedia

Containing More Than 22,000 Valuable And Practical Recipes, Contributed By
Housekeepers From Every Part Of The Civilized World, All Practical And Tested;
With Many Thousands By The Authoress.
For The Special Use Of Families And Nurses, In City And Country; Restaurants,
Boarding Houses And Hotels.
By Mrs. Harriet Almaria Baker Suddoth,
pub By A. L. Bancroft & Co Circa 1883

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THIS book is included here as it provides insight and perspective of the social and cultural milieu commonly obtaining in the middle class household during the middle and late Victorian period when most of the book on this site were authored.
It's paints a graphic picture of how to run a household when there are no refrigerators, no supermarkets and virtually none of the convenience products and services we take for granted today. A house keeper of that era would commonly be expected to have a huge range of skills from preparing and cooking almost anything, to looking after invalids, etiquette for dinner parties, and even manufacturing her own cosmetics. Cooking enthusiasts will probably find the huge collection of Victorian Recipes fascinating and possible an inspiration as to what to cook for dinner tonight!

The book's preface describes its contents as follows:

The American Pictorial Home Book, OR HOUSEKEEPER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA, Is the result of many years of earnest effort and practical study. It is a work that may be studied with pleasure and profit during the hours of ease and leisure, and in cases of emergency it can be referred to as a judicious friend and adviser in a remedial point of view. It is unsurpassed as a valuable Reference Book for young housekeepers, and a prompt and ready guide in all household matters; in caring for the Sick and directing Servants; in the Nursery, Laundry, Dairy, Poultry and Farm Yards, the Garden, Etiquette, etc. Its recipes and suggestions are applicable to all climates and all conditions of life.

I have had to rearrange the pages a bit so the illustrations are all now at the beginning of the book. Otherwise the page order is unchanged. Deduct 100 from the numbers shown to get the original page numbers.