The American Pictorial Home Book
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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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German Noodls— (Mrs. Heil Ross).—Make up the desired quantity of Hour with beaten eggs, a pinch of salt; then work until perfectly smooth; roil, then cut through in sheets with a knife and boil until done, then pour off the water and add some butter and cream. Serve hot for dinner.
Beef Soup.—Three lbs. of beef, 3 carrots, 1 turnip, 1 bunch cel-lery, 4 onions. 2 bunches leeks, tablespoonful salt, pepper to taste; cut the meat into pieces the size of an egg, vegetables washed and scraped and cut in small pieces; put all into a large stewpan with 4 or 5 quarts of water. Boil gently for a whole day. Let it stand all night; carefully remove the fat next day and add a pinch of cay­enne pepper; make boiling hot.
Soup—(Mrs. Pr.ce, Virginia).—Always observe in making soup to lay your meat in the bottom of the pan with a lump of butter; cut the herbs and roots small and lay them over the meat; cover it closely and set it over a slow fire.. This will draw out the flavor of the herbs and roots and make the soup much better. When your meat is almost dried up fill your pan with water. When done take it off and skim it. Set it in a warm place just before you dish up your dinner. N. B.—Ochre, nutmeg, cymblings (squash), Irish po­tatoes, cut up very small, put them in an earthern pot with water, some slices of lean, sweet bacon, sqjne green corn, a few onions, parsley, leeks chopped fine, Lima beans, tomatoes peeled and cut up, a small bunch of thyme, a chicken, thicken with flour and but­ter, wet up with rich cream'. Add salt and pepper.
Coloring for Soups—(West Indian mode).—Pare 3 medium-sized onions or 2 large ones and brown them well in an oven, then chop them fine. This will give a nice color as well as flavor to brown soup. Shells of green peas dried in the oven till brown, not black, will color and flavor soup nicely. The shells, if hung in a dry place, will keep all winter.
Coloring Soups.—Some prefer it because the soup looks better to the eye.
SoupGood Ingredient for.— 1 1-2 lbs. beef, shoulder part, 1-4 lb. bone, 3 1-4 quarts water, 1 oz. salt, a common-sized carrot, 5 oz.; 1 large onion, 5 oz. with a clove stuck in it; 3 leeks, 7 oz.; 1 head celery, 1-2 oz.; middle-sized turnip, 5 oz.; parsley, 1 oz. This will make enough.
Soup—(Mrs. Upshur, Virginia).—1 quart clams, 1 pint of their liquor, 3 pints of water, 1-2 slice of bread, a piece of butter the size of a nutmeg, 3 blades of mace, a few whole peppers and one bunch of sweet herbs. Cover it closely and stew 45 minutes. Strain it and add a cup of cream, which scald a little, before serving up the soup.