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REMARKS ON FISH.                                   59
thus continue, leaving the paste on the top. Bake 45 minutes in a moderate oven.
Tom Cods.—Are cooked very much as the smelts, not carved, and are considered the most delicious fish in the market.
Flavoring for Fish Sauce.—Take walnuts fit for pickling, pound them, let them stand for 24 hours, then press the juice from them, pour off the clear; to every pint of juice put 1 round of anchovies, set it over the fire till the anchovies are dissolved, strain it and add 1 ounce of shallots, 1-4 ounce of mace, 1-4 ounce of cloves and of Jamaica pepper with 1-2 pint of the best pure fruit vinegar; boil it J-4 hour; when cold bottle for use. A large tablespoon-ful is enough for nearly 1-2 pint of butter. It will keep good for 3 or 4 years. It is very good to put in brown gravies and hashes, One hundred walnuts will make about 1 pint.
Mode of Cooking Fish at Sea, by French and Italian fishermen on the Mediterranean.—The fish is knocked in the head, and with­out scaling or opening it the fisherman puts it over a clear charcoal fire or upon a gridiron, where it remains till cooked, basting it with sweet or olive oil. When sufficiently done, as soon as opened a flood of its own juice gushes forth, and the entrails having become hard, are taken out cleanly and thrown overboard.
Codfish.—Should not be allowed to boil, as that hardens it; remove the skin and place the fish in water, then cut it up and simtner till tender.
To Preserve Fish for Transportation.—Take the fish fresh from the water and fill the mouth with bread crumbs saturated with brandy ; pour a little in the stomach ; pack in straw a short time af­ter and it will keep for 10 days. When wanted for use put the fish in fresh water. In a few hours they are ready.
To Remove the Scales from Fish.—Lay the fish in a deep dish or in the sink and pour some scalding water over it, then take a knife and remove the scales at pleasure; then clean and wash your fish. Then cut up and put the pieces in the coldest water to harden them. Then boil or fry them for 20 minutes, then season them with pep­per, salt (oil if fried), lemon juice, chopped parsley and some grated nutmeg. Turn the fish over several times in the seasoning, so that it may be penetrated by it.
Fish as a Diet.—Dr. Merryweather says: A fish diet is a great humanizer of the tempers ot mankind. Its consumption tends won­derfully to render them more kindly to one another, and consequently ' tames the passionate disposition to crime. As carnivorous animals are always the most fierce and violent, so become human beings who have carnivorous stomachs. Could such stomachs have an occa­sional respite by the consumption of fish, the world would be the