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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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better for it. I speak as a medical man, and firmly assert that many maladies would be mitigated, and perhaps annihilated by such a pro­cess.
Habitation of the Salmon.—Walton has styled the salmon the "king of fresh water fish." It has never been found in warm lati­tudes ; it lives in both fresh and salt water.
Preserve the Spawn of Fishes for Table Use.—(Miss Hap­pen)—Pack them as fish in rock salt.
Calaoonian Recipe for Dressing Fish.—Boil the livers of the fish and make them into forcemeat as stuffing balls, without meal, onions, pepper and salt; put the water on with some cold butter and whole onions, and when the onions are sufficiently boiled put in the fish and stew them with their heads on, season­ing with salt and cayenne pepper; add the balls also.
Baked Fish.—After the fish is thoroughly cleaned, salt and pepper well, then dredge thickly with flour or corn meal by turning the fish in it; cover the whole with lard by rubbing on with a spoon; pour water over the whole, say about i pint. Bake in a quick oven until a nice, rich brown; to be eaten with melted or drawn butter.
Brown Stewed Fish and Sauce.—Boil the frsh in an ordinary fish pan, then make a sauce of 18 ginger crackers, i cup of molasses, 1-2 cup of good cider vinegar. Moisten plentifully with the boiled fish water, throwing away the balance; boil till the crackers are soft, then pour it over the fish in the pan and let it come to a boil, then serve. Season to taste while cooking.
To Stew Fish. — (Maison Dore.) — Put into a sauce parj either cold or hot water with a few slices of onions, carrots and a couple of bay leaves or more, according to the size of your fish. Thyme, cloves, whole peppers, some celery, a few sprigs of parsley chopped, salt and vinegar. Let cook gently until the flesh comes easily from the bones. To test it. have a thick needle, pass it through your fish, let it remain just a few seconds. If warmed thoroughly when you take it out the fish is done.
Boston Fish Balls.—Eight ounces codfish, 3 ounces chopped suet, a small lump of butter, a teaspoonful of breadcrumbs, pepper, salt and nutmeg and a teaspoonful of anchovy sauce. Pound all together in a mortar with an egg, divide into small cakes and fry them.
Young Codfish Roasted. Get the fish vender to dress -your fish, salt and pepper it, spread flat on a board and confine it with cords and stand the board up before a brisk fire to toast the fish ;