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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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when sufficiently brown on one side untie it, and by means of a tin sheet or dish turn it on a gridiron, that the other side may brown. Do not break it in turning it over. Take up and pour hot melted butter over it and serve hot. Other fish can be cooked in the same way.
To Boil Cod.—Cut off the tail, which should be useless before the other part is done enough; rub well the inside, without washing; let it lie from one to two days and boil in plenty of water, with a handful of salt; garnish with the boiled roe and liver, small flounders, king or pan-fish nicely fried. The tail cut may lay in salt for a few days and be boiled and served with egg sauce or parsnips mashed with cream and butter, or may be broiled fresh or fried in fillets or slices and served with oyster sauce, or a sauce made of 1-2 a pint of veal gravy, a glass of red wine, 2 king fish chopped, white pepper, salt and a few pickled oysters and thickened with a little flour worked in butter. Boil up and skim the sauce , piace the slices neatly on a dish and pour it around them ; garnish with slices of lemon.
Cod's Sounds Boiled.—Soak them 1-? hour in water and vine­gar with some lemon peel or two bay leaves, pepper and salt; when done cover it with a sauce made of melted butter, oysters, capers, a teaspoonful of vinegar and a little cayenne pepper.
Cod Sounds.—They should be well soaked in salt and water and thoroughly washed before dressing them. They are considered a great delicacy, and may either be broiled, fried or boiled ; if boiled, mix a little milk with the water.
Fresh Codfish.—Lay it in a kettle of cold water with salt and a bit of saltpetre, and boil it till thoroughly done or breaks in flakes. Serve with melted butter and any sauce you may prefer.
My Way to Cook Codfish.—To 1 bowl (1 pint) of codfish picked fine, add 3 pints of cold water, put over the fire and heat or boil five minutes, pour off the water and add to the fish while it is hot 1 tablespoonful butter and 3 eggs, stir very quickly, and pepper and salt to taste Serve hot.
Cod a la Maitre de Hotel.—Two slices of cod, T-4 lb. of butter, a little chopped shallot and parsley ; pepper to taste ; i-4teaspoonful grated nutmeg or rather less, when the flavor is not liked; the juice of 4 lemons. Boil the cod, and either leave it whole, or what is better, flake it from the bone and take off the skin; put it into a stew-pan with the butter, parsley, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Melt the butter gradually, and be yery careful that it does not become like oil; when all is well mixed and thoroughly hot add the lemon juice and serve. Use the remains of cold fish ; cook 1-2 hour. The employment of catching codfish is exceedingly fatiguing, owing to the weight of the fish.