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62                                   TO COOK PISH.
Codfish for Friday Dinner.—One quart of picked codfish, i pint of bread crumbs, i cup of cream, 1-4 lb. butter, 1 teaspoonful black pepper; wash the fish thoroughly and soak over night in cold water; when ready to use pick it fine, put it in a baking-dish in layers with the crumbs and pepper, adding a little mustard, if you like it, over the top layer, which must be crumbed; spread with softened butter and pour the cream or new sweet milk over the whole and bake 30 minutes.
Fried Cod.—Flour the pieces and sprinkle cayenne pepper on them and fry brown. Cotton seed oil is excellent to fry fish in.
To Stew Cod.—Season it high with pepper and salt, and add a little wine and lemon juice, or some nice sauce with butter rolled in flour.
To Crimp Cod.—Lay small pieces in half vinegar and salt for 4 hours, then cook them in any way you may prefer—boiled, fried or broiledT
Codfish Balls.—Boil 3 lbs. of codfish slowly, after soaking it in cold water the night before; boil some large potatoes and mash them fine; while warm, add a large spoonful of butter, in the proportion of 1-3 codfish and 2-3 mashed potatoes, make it up with 4 eggs and a cup of milk, then make it with your hand as you would a biscuit, about 1 inch thick, and fry brown in hot lard or salt pork. Boil some eggs hard and cut them in halves and put a piece in the center of each ball and send to table in a flat dish.
Cod's Head was stuffed with a quart of oysters, onions and a bunch of sweet herbs, and the mouth firmly closed.—From Crom­well's Cook Book.
The Sauce for It.—Oyster liquor, 4 anchovies, sliced onion, melted together in a pint of white wine! This was poured over the cod's head ; a little nutmeg was then grated over the fish, when it was served up, and the edges of the dish being garnished with slices of lemon.—Cromwell's Cook Book.
Codfish Puffs.—(Mrs. B.—Receipt the same as for codfish balls put in an earthen baking dish ; smooth over the top and put on some butter, then in a hot oven to bake
Flaked Fish.—Make a sauce by dredging some flour into 2 ozs. of hot butter in a stew pan; add 1-2 lb. of codfish nicely flaked, 2 spoonfuls of cold butter, a spoonful each of anchovy sauce and mixed mustard, 1 teacupful of cream, some pepper, salt and a few bread crumbs, make hot and serve as it is, or you may pour it into a but­tered dish with the addition of a few bread crumbs and brown the top in an oven.
Salt Codfish.—Sufficient water to cover the fish; wash the hsn and lay it all night in water with 1-4 pint of vinegar; when thor-