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DIFFERENT WAYS TO COOK MEAT.                    93
Boilli Beef.—Take 5 or 6 lbs. of good, tender beef from the rump, brisket or long ribs; the rump or round is the best. Put it in a pot of cold water, enough to cover the beef well; let it boil until the scum rises, and skim it nicely; add 2 carrots, 2 turnips cut in shape, and stick one onion full of cloves. Let this simmer 3 hours, and then add 1 tablespoonful of red wine, a teaspoonful each of parsley and thyme chopped fine, a teaspoonful of mixed mustard and
1  tablespoonful of catsup. Simmer 1 hour and take the beef out and stir.
Smothered Beefsteak.—After pounding your steak well on both sides, broil it on a clean and well-greased griddle over a clear fire. Turn it frequently.
To Roast a Breast of Veal.—Before roasted, if large, the two ends may be taken off and fried to a stew, or the whole may be roasted. Butter should be poured over it. If any be left, cut the pieces into handsome sizes, put them into a stew-pan and pour some broth over them, or, if you have no broth, a little water will do; add some parsley, thyme, a blade of mace and some pepper. Stew until tender. Thicken with butter and flour and add a little tomato, wal­nut or cucumber catsup ; or the whole breast maybe stewed. After cutting off the two ends, serve the sweetbread whole upon it, which may be either stewed or parboiled, and then cover with crumbs, herbs, pepper and salt and browned in a Dutch oven. If you have mushrooms, truffles and muscles, stew them with it, and serve. A roasted breast of veal smothered with onion sauce is an excellent dish if not old or too fat.
Veal Stuffing.—Take 1-2 lb. finely chopped suet with 1-2 lb. of breadcrumbs, 4 oz. chopped parsley, a bay leaf, a tablespoonful of equal quantities of powdered thyme and marjoram and 2 bay leaves, the rind of a lemon^. grated and the juice of 1-2 a one. Season with pepper, salt and 1-4 of a nutmeg. Mix the whole with 3 eggs. By adding some more chopped parsley this will do to stuff a turkey or bake a fish with.
Note.—A nice garnish may be made of beet root, cut gherkins, cucumbers and olives.
To Fry Veal—(Mrs. Baringer).—Cut the meat in 'thin slices, rub with pepper and salt, dip in flour and drop it into a pan of hot lard. When of a fine brown, take it up and make a gravy with cream or milk poured into the skillet and pour over the veal. Gar­nish with parsley.
Baked Veal.—One-half lb. cold roast veal, a few slices of bacon,
2  cups of bread crumbs, 1 cup of good veal gravy, 1-2 teaspoonful minced lemon peel, 1 blade of pounded mace, cayenne pepper and salt to taste, and 4 eggs. Mince finely the veal and bacon j add