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94                    DIFFERENT WAYS TO COOK MEAT.
the bread crumbs, gravy and seasoning, stir these ingredients well together. Beat up the eggs thoroughly; add these, mix the whole well together, put into a dish and bake from 3-4 to 1 hour. If liked, a little good gravy may be served in a tureen as an accompaniment. For 3 or 4 persons.
To Bake a Fillet of Veal.—Let it hang until tender, wiping it every day with a dry cloth. Should not lay it upon wood, as that keeps the meat damp. When prepared for baking, with a sharp knife separate the fillet or thigh from the loin and shank and remove the bone, fill the space with a rich stuffing of bread crumbs, chopped onion, parsley and a tablespoonful of butter, pepper and salt to taste. Beat in 2 eggs and fry the mixture, stirring constantly 10 minutes ; wrap the flap around. It should be as before the bone was removed, after being stuffed and wrapped, tie a tape or cord around it and insert a skewer; put it in the oven with something under to elevate it an inch at least, and pour in 2 cupfuls of warm water. Bake slowly and baste often. If the gravy is not rich enough rub an even teaspoonful of flour into a tablespoonful of butter and add to the gravy. Tomato catsup, with the gravy, is an improvement To 2 cupfuls of gravy add 1-2 cupful of catsup, or stew a few tomatoes and a little spice with the gravy. A fillet of beef resembles the round of a beef that is covered in the same way. Cut off the top outside piece, then cut round, thin slices and send some of the stuff­ing upon each plate. Serve with pickles, catsup or French mus­tard.
Beef's Liver(Livers to Cook)—Cut the liver in scores and salt it with 2 lbs. of salt for a fortnight, then let it drain for 3 days, then rub in 2 ounces of several kinds of spice, according to your judgment, and all sorts of sweet herbs chopped very fine ; also a good seasoning of onions and shallots; then hang in a dry, cool place for a* time, then put in a bag for use. A small piece is suffi­cient to make gravy for ducks, hares, &c. It will keep many months and be useful in this manner.
To Fry Liver, Smelts, Sweet Breads, &c.—Parboil them till 2-3 done, take the liver out and cut it in thin slices. It should not be boiled in much water; then put it back into the frying pan with the sweet breads, &c, chopped onions, pepper, cayenne and salt, and fry slowly till done, then take it up and make a nice gravy of milk thickened with a small portion of flour, then serve ; or fry the liver as beefsteak and eat it rather rare after salting and peppering it.
Pig's Heartlet—(Mrs. H.'s receipt.)—Clean the liver and sweet breads and put to them the fat and lean bits of pork, with which mix pepper, salt, sage and onion shred fine; put all into a caul, tie up and roast on a hanging Jack, or put into a dish and bake; or