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DIFFERENT WAYS TO COOK MEAT.                   97
be scalded and cleaned well. Boil the tripe, putting it in cold water until a straw will easily pierce it and the edges look trans­parent ; skim closely, and when the tripe is tender take it up and cut it in uniform sizes convenient for serving; pour over milk or milk and water and keep it closely covered. Should the milk turn sour a little it will not injure the tripe, as it is usual to add vine­gar in cooking it. It should not be kept long; either fry, stew or hash it ;• when made into a hash use onions freely and cover with pickle.
Fricassee Round of Beef.—From 5 to 10 lbs. of rib of beef, sufficient brine to cover the meat. Choose a fine rib, have the bones removed, rub some salt over the inside and skewer the meat up into a nice round form and bind it with tape. Put it in sufficient brine to cover it, and then let it remain for six days, turning the meat every day. When required to be dressed drain from the pickle and put the meat into very hot water; let it boil rapidly for a few minutes, then draw the pot to the side of the fire and let it simmer very gently till done. Remove the skewer and replace by a plated or silver one. Carrots and turnips should be serv­ed with this dish. There may be boiled with the meat a small round of 8 lbs. about 2 hours after the water boils; 1 of 12 lbs. 3 hours. Seasonable at any time. Should the joints be small, 4 or 5 days will be sufficient time to salt it.
To Boil Corn Beef.—Let the beef soak in a full supply of water to cover it. In the morning after breakfast hour wash the meat well, put it in a cooking vessel and cover it over with cold water; boil slowly and skim frequently. If it is to be sewed cold let it remain in the pot till it becomes so. To prepare it for a Supper dish or luncheon take out all the bones ; when thoroughly done prick the meat and put it into a deep dish, putting alter­nately fat and lean ; remove all the fat by skimming. Reduce this to 1-2 by boiling, then pour over the meat enough to fill up the cracks left in filling up the meat, then lay over this a flat cover that will just fit it, and upon this place a heavy weight. This dish is best prepared in cold weather and put ice on the dish in which it is. Serve it upon a round dish and garnished with sprigs of parsley or tops of celery, or any good pickle. French mustard is good eaten with it.
Baked Beef.—Two lbs. of cold roast beef, 2 small onions, 1 large carrot or 2 small ones, 1 turnip, parsley, sage, thyme, pepper and salt to taste; 12 tablespoonfuls of gravy, 3'spoonfuls of vinegar or ale, and mashed potatoes. Cut the beef in slices, allowing a small amount of fat to each slice; place a layer of this in the bottom of the pie dish with a portion of the onions, carrots and turnips,