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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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bacon on the top. These should form a sort of mound in the center for the veal to rest upon. Lay the fricandeau over the bacon, sprinkle over it a little salt and pour in just sufficient stock to cover the ba­con,etc., without touching the veal. Let it gradually come to aboil, then put it over a slow and equal fire and let it simmer very gently for about 2 1-2 hours, or longer, should it be very large. Baste it frequently with the liquor, and a short time before serving put it into a brisk oven to make the bacon firm, which, otherwise would break when it was glazed. Dish the fricandeau and serve with a puree of whatever vegetable happens to be in season—spinach, sorrel, aspar­agus, cucumbers, peas, etc. Cook 21-2 hours. If very large, allow more time.
Veal Cutlets.—Three lbs. of the prime part of the leg of veal, egg and bread crumbs, 3 tablespoonfuls of minced savory herbs, salt and pepper to taste, and a small piece of butter. Have the veal cut in slices about 3-4 of an inch in thickness, and, if not cut perfectly even, level the meat with a cutlet bat or rollingpin. Shape, and trim the cutlets and brush them over with egg. Sprinkle with bread crumbs, with which have been mixed some minced herbs and a seasoning of pepper and salt, and press down the crumbs. Fry them a delicate brown in fresh lard or butter, and be careful not to burn them. They should be very thoroughly done, but not dry. If the cutlets are thick, keep the pan covered for a few minutes at a good distance from the fire after they have acquired a good color. .By this means the meat will be done through. Lay the cutlets in a dish, keep them hot and make a gravy in the pan as follows: Dredge in a little flour, add a piece of butter as large as a walnut, and then pour as much boiling water over it as is required. Season with pepper and salt, add a little lemon juice, give one boil and pour it over the cutlets. They should be garnished with slices of broiled bacon, and a few forcemeat balls will be found a very excellent addition to the dish. For cutlets of a moderate thickness about 12 minutes; if very thick, allow more time. Veal cutlets maybe nicely flavored and fried a nice brown.
Veal—when eaten—should have the juice of an orange squeezed over it.—C. C. B.
Veal Loaf.—Three lbs. of veal cutlets, 1-2 lb. of fat pork, ail chopped fine, 1 cup of powdered crackers, 1 cup of cold wa­ter, salt, pepper, sage, etc., and 1 egg. Bake 2 1-2 hours.
Calf's Head, Onk-Half Boiled and the Other Baked.Cleause the head, parboil 1-2 and rub it over with a feather dipped in the beaten yolk of an egg. Strew over it a seasoning of pepper, salt, thyme, parsley chopped small, cayenne pepper, a spoonful of powdered sage, a little nutmeg, stick bits of butter