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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Il8                                      SCALLOPS,
brown pour all the gravy from them into a clean tossing pan with 1-2 pint of the gravy made of the bones and bits you cut the collops off; 2 teaspoonfuls of lemon pickle, a large one of catsup, the same of browning, 1-2 ounce of morels,, 1-2 lemon, a little cayenne, and salt to your taste. Thicken it with flour and butter and let it boil 5 or 6 minutes, then put in your collops and shake them over the fire; if they boil it will make them hard ; when they have simmered a lit­tle take them out with an egg spoon and lay them on your dish ; strain your gravy and pour it hot over them ; lay over the forcemeat balls and little slices of bacon curled round with a skewer and boiled. Strew a few mushrooms over; garnish with lemon and barberries and serve them up.
Minced Collops—(Mrs. Chevallie, Va.)—Take any under part of the beef, cut it in small pieces, season it with nutmeg, pepper and salt, put it into a pan with an onion sliced fine and fry a light brown, then put to it a gill of gravy, a spoonful of catsup, a few capers or mushrooms, and thicken with a little flour and butter.
Fillet of Veal with Collops.—Take a small fillet of veal and cut up what collops you want, then take the udder and fill it with force meat, roll it round, tie it with pack thread across the middle. Garnish with lemon.
Turkey Scallop—(Mother's.)—Cut up the cold fowl verysmafi, removing the bones and skins, then put on the bottom of a well but­tered dish a layer of fine stale bread crumbs moistened slightly with new milk, that it may not absorb all the gravy, spread over this a layer of the minced turkey with bits of cold stuffing, pepper, salt, bits of butter, then another layer of crumbs, then of the fowl, and thus continue to repeat till the dish is nearly full. Before putting on the upper crust pour in the gravy left from the cold turkey, add some Worcester sauce, catsup and butter. Have ready some crumbs, seasoned with salt and beaten up light with 2 eggs, then spread it smoothly over the dish, put lumps of butter plentifully upon it and bake. Turn a deep plate over the dish until its contents begin to bubble at the sides, showing that it is thoroughly cooked, which will take 45 minutes.
Scalloped Oysters.—Use a pan or an earthen dish, such as is adapted for puddings, say about 3 inches in depth, commence by placing stale bread crumbs on the bottom of the pan or dish, then a layer of oysters with a little liquor of the oysters over them, drop in some lumps of butter on the oysters, continue making layers of bread crumbs and layers of (collops) oysters alternately till the dish is filled. Cook in a heated oven till thoroughly browned. On each layer of oysters season with pepper, salt, mace, parsley; allspice to taste.