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OBSERVATIONS ON EGGS.                             I25
middle of the dish and the shred whites around them; pour over the sauce and garnish with leaves of puff paste or fried croutons. There is no necessity for putting the eggs into the sauce pan with the bechamel sauce. The sauce being quite hot will warm the eggs sufficiently. Ten minutes to boil the eggs. Sufficient for 5 or 6 per­sons. Seasonable at all times.
Eggs a la Maitre d'Hotel.—One-fourth lb. of fresh butter, 1 tablespoonful of flour, 1 cup of milk, pepper and salt to taste, 1 ta-blespoonful of minced parsley, the juice of 1-2 lemon, 6 eggs. Put the flour and 1-2 the butter in a stew pan, stir them over the fire un­til the mixture thickens, pour in the milk, which should be boiling, add a seasoning of pepper and salt and simmer the whole for five minutes. Put the remainder of the butter into the sauce and add the minced parsley, then boil the eggs hard, strip off the shells, cut the eggs into quarters and put them on a dish, bring the sauce to the boiling point, add the lemon juice, pour over the eggs and serve ; 5 minutes to boil the sauce, the eggs 10 to 15 minutes. Sufficient for 4 or 5 persons ; always seasonable.
A Pretty Dish of Eggs.—Break some eggs into a tart dish with­out breaking the yolks, or laying one over the other, drop on them some warm water and strew lightly some crumbs of bread, put it into the oven till the whites are set; serve with a wreath of parsley or nasturtium flowers around the dish.
Boiled Eggs.—To boil eggs lightly for children or invalids, 3 minutes; 3 3-4 to 4 minutes to suit the generality of tastes; from 6 to 7 minutes to boil them hard, and from 10 to 15 minutes for salads. Eggs for boiling cannot be too fresh or boiled too soon after they are laid. A new-laid egg requires longer to boil than one that is 3 or 4 days old. The eggs should be put into a sauce pan of boiling water very gently with a spoon, letting the spoon touch the bottom of the sauce pan before it is withdrawn, that the egg may not fall, and consequently crack. Should the eggs be unusually large, allow an extra 1-2 minute. Eggs for salads should be placed in a basin of cold water for a few minutes as soon as taken up, and then rolled on the table with the hand, and the shell will peel off nicely.
To Boil Fresh Eggs—(Mrs. H.'s receipt,)—Tepid water 4 min­utes will set the whites, 5 minutes will set the yolks, 10 minutes will boil them hard. When put in boiling water the whites harden too fast for the yolk ; tepid water is the best; or place the eggs in cold water; when the water begins to bubble the whites will be well set.
Hard Boiled Eggs with Onions.—Pick 3 good sized sound (white) onions (the best); cut them in two, then lay each 1-2 on the board and cut in slices 1-8 inch thick; blanch in boiling water for