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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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for boiling should always be very fat. When the fowl or rabbit is old, rub the inside with soda instead of salt as soon as it is killed ; wash it off before cooking. A small portion of soda put into the water will make meat or vegetables more tender, better, and cook in a much shorter time. The flavor is greatly improved by it.
Turkey for Christmas Dinner—(Soyer).—Into 1 gallon of water put 1 teaspoonful of black pepper and 3 of salt. When the water boils, put on your turkey stuffed to your taste, 2 lbs. salt ba­con cut in slices, 1-2 dozen onions, 1 lb. of celery and 1 bunch of sweet herbs. Boil slowly 1 1-2 hours. Mix 3 oz. flour with 2 oz. butter; add 1 pint of liquor from the pot and 1-2 pint of milk, take out the onions and celery, chop fine and add to the mixture and boil for 20 minutes; then serve up your turkey and you have a delicious dish.
Turkey Stuffed with Chestnuts.—Trim free from gristle 10 oz of fillet of veal and 1 lb. of fat bacon, season with 1 teaspoonful of salt, sage, parsley and celery. While chopping mois­ten with [ gill of broth; put the forcemeat in a mortar and pound it for 10 minutes; put it in a basin and add 40 chestnuts previously slowly roasted and peeled ; draw and truss the turkey as in the recipe for roasted turkey. When cutting off the neck leave as much of the crop-skin as possible ; stuff the turkey with the forcemeat and chestnuts ; roast it before an even, but moderate fire for 1 hour and 40 minutes; take it off the spit, untie and put it on a dish. Free the gravy from all grease, pour it under the turkey and serve.
Roasted Turkey with Oysters.—Take the cooked turkey, cut up very fine, then lay the oysters and turkey alternately, then put between each layer a seasoning of cream and butter, pepper, salt, a little nutmeg, chopped onion, and finish on the top with bread crumbs sprinkled and bits of butter. Bake it, and when the oysters are done, serve it.
To Roast a Haunch of Venison.—Choose a haunch of veni­son with clear, bright and thick fat and the cleft of the hoof smooth and close; the greater the quantity of fat there is the better qual­ity will the meat be, as many people object to venison when it has been kept too long. You can ascertain its soundness by run­ning a skewer into the meat near the bone; when withdrawn its sweetness can be judged of. With care and attention it will keep two weeks, unless the weather is too mild. Keep it perfectly dry by wiping it with clean cloths till not the least damp remains; sprin­kle over ginger and pepper (powdered) as a preventive against the