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FRICASSEES.                                       153
my-cloth into a pan. Wipe and trim the pieces of chicken, put them in a stew-pan, pour in enough sauce to cover them, and warm them without boiling; dress them on a dish, pour over some of the sauce out of the pan, garnish round with small portions of carrots cut to an olive shape, butter, onions previously boiled in white broth, and asparagus, peas, and serve with the remainder of the sauce in a boat
To Fricassee Chickens.—Prepare your chickens as for frying, then let them remain 1 hour in cold water in a cool place; change the water, then add some salt and let them remain in this 1 hour. Put them into a stew-pan with just enough water to cover them, some salt, pepper and a cup of cream or milk. Mix a large spoonful of butter and flour together, and add to the stew or fricassee, and cook all together for 1 hour. Before serving, add some minced parsley or celery and 2 well-beaten eggs. Mix thoroughly.
Chicken Fricasseed—( Mrs. T. B. S.).—For a two-o'clock dinner. At 12 o'clock kill, clean and cut up 2 chickens, then into a skillet put 2 heaped tablespoonfuls of lard, then stir into it gradually 2 table-spoonfuls of flour, until of a nice brown; into the lard put small onions chopped. Lay in the chicken and fry of a good brown. Pour in 3 pints of boiling water. Flavor with minced parsley, black pepper and 2 cloves. Cover it up and boil until reduced one-half; then in a small bowl put the yolks of 2 well-beaten eggs, 2 table-spoonfuls each of vinegar and wine, a little Worcester sauce, and stir well together. Then into the mixture stir 4 spoonfuls of hot grav^, then pour into the gravy and stir it over the fire for a moment, and pour it over the chicken, which has been'laid in a hot dish, and serve at once.
Fricassee of Chickens Thickened with Milk of Almonds.— Cut up 2 chickens as directed for fricassee of chickens a la St. Lam­bert. Blanch, drain, wipe and trim the pieces ; put them in a stew-pan with 1 quart of nice sauce and 1 pint of chicken broth. When the chicken is done, pour the liquor out of the stew-pan into an­other; skim off the fat and reduce the sauce until it coats the spoon ; then strain it on the pieces of chicken in the stew-pan; boil up to­gether and thicken the sauce with some milk of almonds, prepared as follows: First blanch and peel 2 oz. of sweet almonds, wash and pound them in a mortar, moistening them with 1-2 pint of milk; when well pounded, press them through a broth-napkin into a basin. Take the fricassee off the fire, let it cool for a minute and pour the miltc of almonds with one hand, while tossing the contents of a stew-pan with the other, so as to mix and thicken the sauce. Dress the fricassee on a dish and serve.
Fricasseed Turkey.—Cut up a small, young turkey and rinse it